Roads, Infrastructure, Traffic Impact Study & Geo-Technical Investigation for Extension of Phase I, II & III, DHA in Islamabad

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December 2005
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Project Description

The Development of a huge land of total area of 2500 Acres, distributed in three DHA phases, as follows:

  • 500 Acres in Extension of Phase I

  • 1000 Acres in Extension of Phase II

  • 1000 Acres in Phase III

The Project is planned to provide a major urban node within Islamabad, recognizable from within the overall community and the "icon" development within the country. Provide full engineering design and supervision services for roads, infrastructure, Traffic Impact Study and Geotechnical Investigation for the entire development of Extension of DHA Extension of Phase I, Extension of Phase II and Phase III located in Islamabad. All the utilities  are to be routed around and within the site in defined utility corridors within the R.O.W. Each building will be linked  with the common utilities, including water, sewerage, electricity, gas, telecommunication etc.



Site investigations, including the detailed Geotechnical investigations and traffic study, Comprehensive design, quantity surveying, tender (including tender documentation), contract documentation, construction documentation and construction supervision services (including performing the role of the Engineer under the Construction Contracts).

The comprehensive design includes:

  • Geometrical including plot demarcation plans which shall be based on the approved Final Master plan

  • Structural work related to roads and infrastructure

  • Mechanical work related to sewage treatment plants and irrigation pump stations

  • Electrical work needed for the supply of the development

  • Storm Water Drainage network

  • Sewerage network

  • Civil Engineering (including roads (traffic study), services and structures)

  • Slope stabilization and edge treatment

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