ECIL Services

Special Services

This department comprises three disciplines namely, geotechnical engineering, geology engineering and hydrology. The department provides a wide range of services on multidisciplinary infrastructure development project as a supporting department.



Thermal Power Plants (Diesel/HFO, coal and gas fired plants), Renewable energy power plants (hydel, wind and solar), power transmission lines, associated civil works for infrastructure development, architecture and structures, ancillary services, such as lighting & small power, plumbing & sanitary, HVAC, fire fighting and fire alarm. Our integrated approach to the total solution has enabled us to offer services at various stages of the project. It includes, but not limited to the following:

  • Geotechnical engineering
  • Soil investigation
  • In-situ and laboratory testing
  • Construction material study and classification
  • Settlement analysis and prediction
  • Bearing capacity assessment
  • Investigations of sand dunes movement and stabilization
  • Exploratory drilling and sampling
  • Foundation analysis
  • Engineering geology
  • Surface and sub-surface mapping
  • Landslides risk assessment and remedial studies
  • Seismology and meteorology
  • Mineral exploration and evaluation
  • Reserve estimation and feasibility studies
  • Hydrology
  • Preparation of hydrological maps
  • Hydrological analysis of rivers and streams
  • Surface drainage studies
  • Hydraulic model test
  • Hydrographic and oceanographic investigation