ECIL Services


The marine engineering division deals in port and harbour development, expansion, improvement and rehabilitation projects and has the capability to provide special services for planning, development and implementation of marine projects.

The marine engineering division was established in 1965 aimed at broadening the base of engineering services to fulfill a national obligation and initiate and expand activities in this field of engineering. As a result of quality services, the activities have taken strides from one venture to the other. We rightly feel high spirited, to have established this Division dedicated to this sphere of national development. ECIL's capabilities in marine engineering are now backed by a core of professionals and support staff, all under one roof, to meet the challenges posed by projects leading to port and coastal engineering development.


  •     Field Investigations
  •     Bathymetric & topographic surveys
  •     Marine studies
  •     Master planning of ports and harbors
  •     Dry bulk cargo, liquid cargo terminals
  •     Breakwaters and shore protection
  •     Slipways & dockyards
  •     Transit sheds and warehouses
  •     Container terminals
  •     Dredging & land reclamation
  •     Onshore and offshore facilities for commercial, naval and fisheries ports
  •     single buoy mooring, sub-marine pipe lines and storage tank yards
  •     bulk cargo handling and bulk storage facilities


  •     Survey investigation & planning
  •     Feasibility studies, and cost estimates
  •     Planning, design, preparation of working drawings and contract documents
  •     Evaluation of tenders and assistance to award of contracts
  •     Construction supervision and contract management services
  •     Environmental impact assessment studies