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Data Collection

Every consultancy assignment / project needs data for its feasibility & further evaluation. This is most vital activity of any assignment. This activity remains in function during the entire period of assignment. Without this activity, no assignment can be proceed more or further evolve. Every assignment needs two type of data collection one is primary data & second is secondary data collection. The primary data means the consultant 1st time prepare & collect different information according to assignment requirement. Primary & secondary data may be statistical or technical. Such as example for design project both primary & secondary technical data will be required. If any previous technical works has been carried out for any assignment / project, this technical work & its information if available, said to be secondary data. If consultant, after analyzing these data, feels to collect more data, now, the data & information further prepared & constructed by consultant called primary data, it may be both technical & statistical. For collection of primary technical data, consultant should have a complete set of instruments & equipment by mean of which primary data may be measured / prepared according to assignment / project needs.


ECIL has vast experience and having in house capability to carry out this type of activates. Technical data collection carried out by technical professional and non-technical data collection carried out by economist, statistical & other relevant field of experts. Every data collection activities need a set of methodology as well as equipments. In house capability of ECIL always prepare a comprehensive methodology, for data collection of every type of assignment, based upon this methodology each & every primary or secondary, technical or statistical data were collected, 1st minutely crosscheck, compare & analyze for further utilization of these data for project formulation & decision making.


Data collection department at ECIL undertakes a variety of task related to both technical & statistical data collection. This department works in close coordination with other ECIL department such as transport planning department, highway, bridge, infrastructure, power, etc.


Data collection department has a team of highly qualified and experience professionals who have undertaken wide range of important assignments in Pakistan & abroad.