• Consultants International Incorporated (CII)

    Consultants International Incorporated (CII) is a Canadian Corporation, incorporated in 2012. CII is an affiliate of Engineering Consultants International Limited, and through that have access to all the resources and corporate experience of the Group i.e. Kazak Consult and MAGSNET
    Due to the affiliates resources availability, CII can in-source a varied amount of work for a large design offices available under its affiliates. CII remained focused and continued to progress through its talented team of consultants and gaining recognition, the scope of services under the domain of CII is expanding in the Middle East, Africa and now in North American market. 
    The verticals that CII specializes are, Geographical Information System (GIS), Architecture & Planning, Environment and Management. 

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  • Kazakh Consult International LLP (KCI)

    Kazakh Consult International (KCI) provides quality consulting services to its client in the Republic of Kazakhstan in accordance with the contemporary practices. KCI utilizes all appropriate state-of-the-art technologies that could be adapted to the conditions in Kazakhstan. KCI achieves this objective through its professionals who are provided regular opportunities for training, to keep them abreast of the changing trends in the industry.

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  • Pavement Engineering And Research (Pvt) Ltd. (PEARL)

    PEARL is a research oriented organization that works very closely with other research oriented international consultants of high repute. These include specialist companies such as Engineering & Research International Incorporated (ERI) and ERES Consultants Inc. (ERES) from USA and KUAB from Sweden.

    Whenever necessary, special services from international and local universities are sought to meet the situation and to get maximum benefit from the research and development in the field of Pavement engineering across the world. As a result of diversified spectrum of services, PEARL is determined to achieve its objectives and develop itself into a well-developed institution of high caliber professionals focusing towards better pavement engineering practices in Pakistan.

  • Consultant International (Pvt) Ltd (CIL)

    The company was formed in early 1980’s to work exclusively in North Africa. It was formed by 3 companies of different specialization, as a joint venture. CI remained active in the North African market. Majority shares of the company (90%) were purchased by ECIL in 1990’s and this company became an Affiliate of ECIL and all credits can only be used by or with the explicit consent of ECIL.


    MAGSNET is web design and development house based in Karachi Pakistan. We started our operations in mid 1998, and since then we are committed to provide cost effective, high quality Websites and Web Solutions to our customers in Pakistan and around the globe.   

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