ECIL Services



Public and goods transportation is the backbone of economic activity. Efficient and rapid transportation system stimulates and generates economic productivity. Whereas rail transportation is the most economical mode for inter-urban goods transportation, it is also the fastest mode of urban mass public transportation for cities of population exceeding around 3 million. Similarly, air transportation is the fastest mode of long distance transportation of people and goods. In the 21st century, it is impossible to think of a modern and economically vibrant country without an efficient and extensive transportation network. ECIL has been active in the planning, design and supervision of airports as well as Rail Transportation projects - both urban and inter-urban.

As a Civil Architectural / Planning and Structural Engineering Consultancy, ECIL has expanded its practice in the design, procurement and the management of the construction of major infrastructure projects all over Pakistan and UAE. As such ECIL now provides full range of consultancy services required for Planning, design, procurement, construction operation maintenance of railways and fixed urban infrastructure transport systems. The combined capabilities of ECIL and its associate groups are capable of undertaking every kind of rail transit engineering from the planning and design of complete new transit system to the extension and rehabilitation of existing systems. ECIL has been involved directly in the Karachi Circular Railway (KCR) revitalization efforts. Rail based mass transit systems track work engineering, power supply and distribution, train control, traction power, and signals are all the studies that can be undertaken by ECIL as a group. Developing countries often rely on Bus Based Rapid transit system in their cities. ECIL has full capacity to provide consultancy services in their planning, design, operation and support infrastructure.


  •     Project Management from conception to handover
  •     Traffic demand modeling and forecasting
  •     Feasibility studies and systems planning
  •     Outline and detailed engineering and systems design
  •     Tender evaluation and contract preparation
  •     Management and supervision of project implementation
  •     Management of assets and condition surveys
  •     Transit station location and design
  •     Tunnel design and feasibility
  •     Track alignment, formation, embankments and bridge work
  •     Signaling, power supply, drainage, lighting ventilation as integrated team managed project
  •     Environmental impact assessment of mass transit projects
  •     Involuntary resettlement planning
  •     Utilities design and relocation studies
  •     Design review, construction management, quality assurance and project management for clients in public – private mass transit development (such as BOT, BLT, BOOT etc.).