business Philosophy

We are committed to provide service to our clients as “service business”.

We regard it as a privilege to serve our clients. We know that our independent and unbiased professional advice and services are mission-critical to our clients and strive to contribute to the best of professional abilities to their success and in-turn our own business. While keeping in view the goals of the clients, we recognize that our actions have long-terms effects, and all that we design and implement should be environmentally sustainable. 


We are committed to the highest levels of leadership and quality

Our clients are important in their own domain they serve. It is our obligation and challenges to provide them with the industry’s best practices and solutions, which are environmentally sustainable and socio economically viable, for the lifecycle of their project entrusted to us.


We are committed to highest levels of business ethics and professional courtesy.

A great Company is the product of many great people, all working toward the same goal, all embracing the same ideas and willing to put their collective best ahead of self-interest. ECIL has a zero tolerance policy against any unethical practices in both technical and financial domain.  


We are committed to our goals and have a bias for action

We are the collection of people who are clear about our collective vision and are prepared to act that enable us and our clients to be most likely to reach their destination first. We strive to work at the cutting edge of technology and implement environmentally sustainable solutions. We set goals with our vision in sight to act and react accordingly.


ECIL is an equal opportunity, affirmative action company.

No discrimination is allowed in the Company with reference to any one’s gender, cast, creed, color, origin and religion. We respect each individual liberty and privacy and celebrate his/her talent and professionalism.