ECIL Services

Irrigation & Agriculture

Pakistan has an agro-based economy, heavily dependent on an extensive irrigation system that is one of the largest, and oldest, in the world. With an increase in the global population, agriculture is assuming critical importance. This trend demands an enhanced level of coordination and transfer of technology to the farmers, to increase their productivity. In this respect, there is a growing need in agriculture and irrigation sectors to introduce and implement modern techniques including those related to on-farm water management, trickle irrigation, ground water exploration and management to optimize water resources to increase agriculture produce. Over the past decade, ECIL has gained considerable experience in this field of engineering by providing professional services on several projects related to barrage rehabilitation, canals remodeling and modernization of irrigation water distribution system and implementing on-farm water management techniques, exploration of ground water resources, design of trickle irrigation system in semi-arid and arid zones, and investigations for design of small dams.


  •     Water resource development
  •     Irrigation schemes (major and small rain dependent)
  •     Ground water &trickle irrigation system
  •     Regulated canals
  •     Hydraulic design of canals and related structures
  •     Investigation & design of small dams
  •     Investigation, planning & design of delay action dams
  •     Water management & conservation
  •     Flood control management & storage
  •     Hydraulic model tests & hydrologic model studies
  •     Environmental and hydrologic studies & surface drainage
  •     Ground water development
  •     Soil salinity and water logging
  •     Agronomical studies
  •     Agriculture & forestry
  •     Training in irrigation system management and regulation of canal head works & barrages