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Research & Development

ECIL management considers research & development as an important element to maintain its leadership in the sector by way of integrating and indigenizing the latest available technology. The aim of these activities is concentrate on issues such as enhanced productivity, with environmental benefits and economic growth. ECIL have carried out research in the following specific application on project components, essential for faster development and improvement of economic health. Some research topics are: -


[ 1 ] Development of National Geographic Information Center for good governance and concept clearance paper for ECNEC, presented to deputy chairman planning                   commission and the President of Pakistan.


[ 2 ] Agriculture

  • Arable land management system
  • Yield improvement
  • Crop forecast
  • Agricultural assets taxation system
  • Pest control etc.


[ 3 ] Affordable alternate options for Karachi Mass Transit System to resolve the commuter’s transport problems in Karachi.


[ 4 ] Poverty alleviation options (in progress)

  • Grain storage facilities all over Pakistan for better return to farmers; Research for alternate problem identification systems, to generate options for farmers’ participation
  • GIS of country wide poverty indexation at district/tehsil level
  • Pilot research initiative for the following
  • To develop contour of poverty levels for one selected district in each province, based on the rationale of census data, 1998.
  • Resources identification at each district / tehsil levels for the local community to actively participate in utilization of resources for income generation with micro financing for the growth of GNP.


[ 5 ] The following Research Studies have been undertaken at ECIL:

  • The report on application of space technologies in Pakistan presents how modern technologies could be applied in Pakistan for development and growth of the country. The focus of research is on ways and means on how to increase the GDP that may result in an enhanced level of fiscal planning. The avenues explored in research cover crop management, including crop forecasting, increase in crop yield, urban infrastructure management, mineral exploration, and agriculture taxation system.
  • Scheme for sustainable development of 80,000 Km of Rural Access Roads (RAR) by participatory development system at costs reduced up to 40%. A comprehensive scheme of planning, implementation methodology and financing without affecting our present projects was prepared and presented to the President of Pakistan.
  • A presentation was made to GOP / NHA on rationalization of measures to be adopted for reducing cost of construction by 20 – 25% with a view to increasing the development tempo and generating greater opportunities of employment.
  • For increasing exports and attracting investments, development of services sector in Pakistan (52.5% of GDP) including engineering, construction, professional, O&M communication, transportation, tourism and other sub sectors.
  • Research on enhancing the life of road and highway pavements under the local environmental ambiance. Non destructive pavement testing equipment and software technology has been acquired to equip ECIL R&D Division with better resources. Similarly technology on Non Destructive Testing of RCC structures and bridges has been acquired and professionals have been trained on their use. Research for preserving structures of national importance is being conducted on a regular basis