Planning, Detailed Engineering Design and Construction Supervision of Interchange at Zero Point, Islamabad

Name of associated firm :
Project Location within Country:
Islamabad, Pakistan
Start Date:
January 2007
Completion Date:
December 2011

Project Description

The project includes:

  1. Detailed topographic Survey, geometric design of the clover-leaf type of interchange at Zero Point, Islamabad

  2. Collection of traffic data and preparation of report

  3. Detailed structural design of the structures of the interchange

  4. Supervision of construction of the interchange components

Investment Component:

  1. Project financed through CDA's own funds.

The scope of work included in the project is:

  1. Road work includes earth filling, provision of pavement structures, including sub base/ base courses and AC pavement over a length of 8052 m over intersecting legs and interchange loops.

  2. Construction of: 1) Flyover - 1 No., 2) Loop overhead structures - 4 Nos., 3) Nullah bridges - 4 Nos. 4) Underpasses - 6 Nos.

The Consultants responsibility included:

  1. Design & planning of interchange

  2. Construction management and supervision



  1. Planning/ Design of Cloverleaf Type Interchange at the location of Zero Point at Islamabad

  2. Collection of Traffic data and Preparation of Traffic Analysis and Study Report

  3. Preparation of Project's PC 1 Form

  4. Construction Supervision

Description of Completed Tasks:

  • Detailed topographic survey of the Zero Point interchange site spread over an area of 392 acres.

  • Collection of hourly traffic count data spread over one week; analysis of the data and its projection to the design life of 25 years and preparation of the Traffic Study Report.

  • Working out the expected ESA's to pass over through design life

  • Hydrological investigations & study

  • Soil investigations

  • Geotechnical & material Investigations

  • Preliminary design & rough cost estimates

  • Detailed Design i.e. geometric design, pavement design, structural design of culverts and bridges, urban area drainage design, roadside furniture, protection works, etc.

  • Rate Analysis and Engineer's Estimate

  • Preparation of Project's PC 1 document

  • Tender documents i/c conditions of contract, specifications, construction drawings and BOQ.

  • Prequalification document for contractors

  • Construction/ Contract Management

  • Supervision of earth work for embankment

  • Supervision of pavement structure construction

  • Supervision services for bridges and culverts

  • Supervision of drainage & erosion work

  • Supervision of ancillary items

  • Quality control and testing of material

  • Checking & verification of measurements and processing contractor invoice

  • Monthly Progress Reports and Identification of problem areas and advising the client accordingly

  • Processing of contractor monthly invoice

  • Preparation of the projects original and revised PC 1 Forms

  • Processing of contractor claims


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