ADB Provincial Highway - Construction Supervision (600 km)

Name of associated firm :
M/s. Italconsult, Italy - W.S.Atkins Group
Project Location within Country:
Balochistan, Sindh, Punjab and NWFP
Start Date:
Completion Date:

Project Description

The project carried out in association with M/s. Italconsult, involved the feasibility studies of rehabilitation and improvement of Provincial Roads, 1250 kms, in the four provinces of Pakistan with the aim of developing transportation facilities to farmers in the remote locations. Detailed engineering design was carried out on 600 km of roads selected from the 1250 km roads.

Later on construction supervision of 600 km Provincial Roads in all the four provinces are also awarded to ECIL, Italconsult and W. S. Atkins group.



  • Topographical Surveys

  • Soil & Hydrological Investigations

  • Traffic Studies & Forecast

  • Evaluation of existing Pavements and Structures

  • Feasibility & PC-1 for Rehabilitation and Improvement of 1250 km roads in all the four provinces of Pakistan with the objective to develop transportation facilities to the farmers in remote areas

  • Detailed Engineering Design for 600 km selected roads out of above 1250 km Specifications, BOQ and Tender documents

  • Construction Supervision of 600 km selected roads in all the four provinces


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