Rehabilitation & Resurfacing of Existing N-5 Between Jhelum and Rawalpindi (61 km - Contract 8B-II)

Name of associated firm :
Project Location within Country:
Province Punjab, Jhelum & Rawalpindi
Start Date:
December 17, 1991
Completion Date:
March 17, 1995

Project Description

The project starts from the outskirts of Jhelum City designated at km 0+000 and terminates on the outskirts of Rawalpindi City at km 96+490 before the Soan River bridge. The cumulative length of the project is 61 kilometres. The original project comprised of providing Direct Asphalt, Concrete Overlay on the existing DST pavement with strengthening/DST of shoulders for 90% of the project length. The remaining 10% required reconstruction of the existing embankment/pavement. However, as a result after the pavement design review, Subbase, Aggregate base and 20 cm Asphalt Concrete was also provided.



  1. Review of Original Pavement Design and Redesign of the pavement

  2. Design of Horizontal Alignment/Vertical Profile

  3. Traffic Sign Plans

  4. Construction Supervision

Construction Supervision

- Contract Management

- Processing of contractor invoices, claims, time extension cases etc.

- Supervision of following construction activities

  • Earth Works

  • Laying of Subbase Course

  • Laying of Aggregate base Course

  • Laying of Asphalt Concrete

  • Construction of Stone Masonry Retaining Wall

  • Construction of Stone Masonry and PCC/RCC Drains

  • Installation of Overhead Gantry Signs

  • Installation of Traffic Sign

  • Miscellaneous Activities

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