Rass - Katnib - Salif Rass - Essa Road (60 km)

Name of associated firm :
Yemen General Engineering & Surveys, Sana'a
Project Location within Country:
Hodeidah on Red Sea Coast
Start Date:
May 1989
Completion Date:
September 1989

Project Description

Carried out a survey, feasibility study and detailed design of 60 km road divided into 3 sections. The formation width was 10 meters consisting of 2 lanes, 7 meters wide and earthen shoulders 1.5 meters wide on each side. It was a coastal road passing through Sabkha (saline areas) and also had tidal effects. It also passed through 5 Nos. of very wide Wadis (valleys).

The problem of the major saline areas was solved and the effects of tides were studied and at the same location the road was realigned. Flexible pavement with a large number of pipes underneath it were designed for Wadi crossings.

In addition to these, Detailed Hydrological, Soils and Materials Investigation were made. Traffic Studies were made and based on Traffic Forecasts, Pavement thicknesses were evaluated. The work also involved Geometric Design, Design of Structures and Preparation of Cost Estimates.


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