National Highway (N-5) Improvement Project (957 km) Feasibility and Outline Design for Turnkey Tender Documents

Name of associated firm :
Halcrow Group Limited (Halcrow) - Resource & Engineering Management Corporation Pvt. Ltd.
Project Location within Country:
Balochistan, NWFP, Punjab & Sindh
Start Date:
June 2001
Completion Date:
December 2002

Project Description

NHA has planned to undertake the rehabilitation and maintenance program of 957 km of priority sections of National Highways mostly N5, N25 and N70. Out of this 629 km required field investigation, outline design & Turnkey Tender Documentation and detailed design of 328 kms including tender documents.

NHA intend to invite Turnkey Tenders from contractors. For this purpose, NHA appointed ECIL to prepare an outline design. Turnkey specifications, engineer's estimate and Turnkey Tender Documents for Rehabilitation of selected sections of National Highway and multiyear maintenance contract.



Collected and verified NHA supplied data in respect of Traffic Surveys and Network level economic evaluation using the HDM model.

  • Carried out condition survey / preliminary structure assessment of existing structures

  • Topographic Surveys

  • Soil Investigation

  • Conducted capacity analysis and road safety audit of each section

  • Specified design criteria for detailed design of rehabilitation of pavement, structures and drainage works

  • Prepare outline design of road rehabilitation work

  • Prepared turnkey tender documents based on FIDIC guidelines

  • Detailed design of 328 km of the National Highway Section


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