Feasibility Study & Preliminary Design of Borovoe - Kokshetau - Petropavlovsk Road Project

Name of associated firm :
JSC Kazdorporject (JSCKDP), Kazakhstan JSC KazdorNII (JSCKDN), Kazakhstan Kazakh Consult International (KCI), Kazakhstan
Project Location within Country:
Start Date:
March 2003
Completion Date:
September 2003

Project Description

This IDB assisted project included preliminary design and feasibility study of 236 km of state highway lying in Akmolinski and North Kazakhstan oblasts. The road project is a part of the major highway corridor from Bishkek – Almaty – Karaganda – Astana – Kokshetau – Petropavlovsk – Kazakh / Russian border along the road leading to Kurgan in Russian Federation. It is a major link between CIS countries and China in the south and the Russian Federation in the north. The primary objectives were to rehabilitate existing road corridor from Borovoe – Kokshetau – Petropavlovsk – Kazakh/Russian Border along the road leading to Kurgan. During all phases of preliminary design and IEE study, Russian Design and Construction Standard SNiP were adopted. 

For this project, the following traffic surveys and/or studies were carried out at strategic locations along the project road.

  • Mid Black Classified Traffic Counts

  • Origin – Destination Surveys

  • Axle Load Studies

The O-D survey of commercial vehicles indicated that approximately 30% vehicles have an origin and destination outside Kazakhstan, i.e., International, whereas 16% cars were observed having international origins and destinations. The results of the O-D surveys of commuter associated vehicles indicate that overall 20% trips are work- related, 39% are business trips, 23% social trips, 2% trips related to tourism and 16% for other purposes. The major trip purpose in case of car is work (14%), business (41%) and social (25%), whereas for bus passengers is work (88%). Besides, the major trip purpose for pickups is a business (86%).

In addition, the composition of empty and loaded trucks was also observed during surveys, which indicated that on average the proportion of empty trucks on the project road is about 17%. Among loaded trucks, the major commodities that are transported are food products which constitute (24%), whereas consumer goods, mineral water and beverages, vegetables and fruits, construction material and spare parts accounts for about 42%.

Design ESALs were estimated for pavement design and LOS was calculated for existing and proposed scenarios. The existing road section from Kokshetau - Petropavlovsk is a Category III road, however, based on Capacity Analysis, it was proposed to upgrade this section to Category II road.   



For project execution, the activities undertaken by the Consultants were Road Inventory Survey, Pavement Condition Survey, Structures Inventory and Condition Survey, Topographic Survey, Drainage Structures Identification, Hydrological Investigations, Roughness Survey, Traffic Surveys and Analysis, Soil and Material Investigations, Pavement Structural Design, Horizontal and Vertical Alignment, Design of Hydraulic Structures including culverts and bridges, Comparison of Per Km Construction Cost and Unit Item Rates of recently Awarded Projects, Bill of Quantities, Engineer's Estimates, Preliminary and Final Economic Analysis using HDM-4, Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) and preparation of Inception Report, Preliminary Economic Evaluation Report and Final Feasibility Study Report.


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