Earthquake Emergency Assistance Project (EEAP) detailed design and construction supervision of transport sector roads and bridges in AJ & K under ADB funded loan

Name of associated firm :
Project Location within Country:
Muzaffarabad, Nelum, rawalakot and Bagh District of AJ&K
Start Date:
May 2007
Completion Date:
May 2013

Project Description

A. Major Roads

  • ICB-1Reconstruction/Rehabilitation of Muzaffarabad-Athmuqam Road (76KM)

  • ICB-2Reconstruction/Rehabilitation of Rawalakot - Tain Cross Road (23KM)

  • ICB-3Reconstruction/Rehabilitation of Tain Cross - Arja Road (20KM)

  • NCB-3Reconstruction/Rehabilitation of Bagh - Arja Road (16KM)

  • NCB-4Construction of three major bridges in Bagh District

  • NCB-4A Construction of two major bridges in Bagh District

  • NCB-5Reconstruction/Rehabilitation of Azad Pattan - Narruri (10 km)

  • NCB-6Reconstruction/Rehabilitation of narruri - Rehara (10 km)

  • NCB-7Reconstruction/Rehabilitation of Rehara-Rawalakot (20 km section)


B. Link Roads

  • Kohala Dana Rajpati Road (3 km)

  • Noseri Panjkat Road (8 km)

  • Kohal Kaliari Road (3 km)

  • Ghaziabad Minhasa Road (3 km)

  • Joora Bandi Road (3 km)

  • Rashian to Maji Road (15 km)

  • Ghari Dupata Road (10 km)

  • Neeli to Lamnia, Neeli to Nigtan, Lmnia to Macknat roads (1 km)


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