Consultancy Services For Design Of Internal Roads For Government Of Muscat

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Project Location within Country:
Start Date:
March 2012
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Project Description

The area which is assigned to the consortium of ECIL & SIEC is called as Al Mabelah Phase-IV. The Project is located in the north in Wilayat-Al Seeb. The Southern part Al Mabelah Phase-IV is situated adjacent to the Muscat Expressway. The Terrain of Al Mabelah Phase – IV is comprised of plain to rolling. Some roads already constructed within the residential area of Al Mabelah Phase – IV. The project area is about 13 square kilometres and the road network, which required to be designed is comprised of about 150 Km.



ECIL is providing the following Services to the Client

  1. Collection of Existing Data

  2. Topographical Survey

  3. Roads Alignment

  4. Geotechnical Investigation

  5. Preliminary Geometric Design of Roads

  6. Preliminary Drainage Design

  7. Detailed Pavement Design

  8. Detailed Design of Structures (Bridges and Culverts)

  9. Preparation of Specifications and Tender documents

  10. Final Design Report


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