Roads Condition Data Collection in Al Ain City and Suburbs

Name of associated firm :
Project Location within Country:
Al Ain, UAE
Start Date:
November 2012
Completion Date:

Project Description

Al Ain Municipality (AM), in an effort to preserve the huge investment incurred on the construction of roads over the years, intends to apply preventive maintenance to these roads to cut down on costs using conventional maintenance practices. In order to achieve the set goal, new technologies available in the market required to be implemented. It is the AM’s desire to use the latest technologies in the field of preventative maintenance of roads. AM wishes to hire a specialized consulting company in this field to propose to collect, process, analyse the roads data, and provide reports and maintenance programs.



Prior presenting the methodologies and setting the strategies for undertaking the project related activities, it would be imperative to understand the project scope and goals which Client (AM) intends to achieve by initiating this project. This project will be carried out in various stages which required to be identified along with all the activities and tasks which will be during these stages. After careful review of the project tender documents following key stages and tasks have been identified for the successful execution of the project. 

ECIL is providing the following Services to the Client Covering the Road Network of around 3,000 Km.

  1. Collection of Inventory Data

  2. Data Collection and Condition Assessment
    - Road Inventory
    - Video Logging (Making Geo-Referenced Videos)
    - Roughness Testing
    - Rut Depth Measurements
    - Deflection Testing Using Falling Weight Deflectometer

  3. Execution of Cores and Trial Pits

  4. Data Base including Shape File for Data Entry and Presentation

  5. Develop Pavement Condition vs. Cost Model

  6. Perform Condition Analysis

  7. Formulate M&R Projects and Establish Priorities

  8. Submission of Reports in GIS Format