Integrated System Study & Master Planning Power Distribution Network in Azad & Jammu Kashmir, Digital Database Development

Name of associated firm :
Project Location within Country:
Azad Jammu Kashmir (AJK)
Start Date:
March 2002
Completion Date:
August 2009

Project Description

The Azad Kashmir Electrification Database is being developed on the Open GIS Architecture Platform.  

The Database is categorized into following categories:

It includes:

  • Feeders Data - High Tension/Low Tension with Technical Details Poles/Wires/Capacitors etc.

  • Sub Stations Data - Transformer Details

  • Consumer Database

The Database provides comprehensive coverage of the data utilized in Power Distribution Network and can handle dynamic queries on retrieving Technical Data - information on Status of Transformers, High Tension / Low Tension Feeders, Poles Shapes and Foundation Types etc. 



The Database is referentially integrated and the tabular structure is created as GIS based tables for AJK, power distribution network. The Database provides dynamic linking of the feeders attribute data.

It includes:

The Consumer Database is being integrated with GIS and is being developed on ORACLE platform. The front end ORACLE forms are developed keeping in view the load consumption per customer basis and is automated to provide query access on poles data / customer data through GIS platform. The services further include:

  • Technical data collection of substations, feeders, transformer & Grid stations by physical survey

  • Development of digital archiving in the form of database of the technical & consumer records