Engineering for Roads & Streets Maintenance in Zone-5, Lahore City, GIS of Utilities & Pavement Condition of Roads & Streets

Name of associated firm :
Muru Group International (MGI)
Project Location within Country:
Lahore, Pakistan
Start Date:
October 1999
Completion Date:
March 2000

Project Description

From the available maps of Roads / Streets of Lahore city and utility services from utility companies, a data is compiled. A further physical survey was undertaken to verify and supplement the data for the purpose of computerizing database and developing a GIS.



Computerized database and developed GIS of following output as part of the above named project

  • Computerized inventory of roads / streets and site utilities

  • Computerized inventory of roads / street pavement condition

  • Prioritization of roads / street maintenance

  • Year wise program for maintenance of roads / streets