Jinnah Naval Base Image Mapping Project

Name of associated firm :
Project Location within Country:
Start Date:
January 1996
Completion Date:
July 1997

Project Description

The satellite image map is prepared by Binary Interpolation for re-sampling to 1:25K scale in BSQ format. The Data includes SPOT pan full scene 60Kmx60Km digital format on 4mm tape, with a ground resolution of 10m. Basic system corrected data and bathymetric data in ASCII format was provided by the Client, to be included in the image map and projected to Lambert conformal conic.

The B/W one band 0.5 to 0.7 micrometers satellite image map registered on SOP Map, re-sampled and enhanced on 1:25K was radiometrically and geometrically corrected and geo-referenced. The edge enhancement and distortion correction was done. The image print resolution was 300 dpi with annotation of existing settlements visible in the image map, along with roads, tracks and vegetation. The data were collected through GPS in rover mode at the accuracy of vectors on sub meter. Reference grid, legend and confidence notes have been marked and bathymetric data on the shoreline has been embedded in the image scene. The image has also been provided in digital format in IMG format.



All the above services have been provided by ECIL