Digital Atlas of Pakistan, GIS coverage of entire Pakistan at Patwar Circle

Name of associated firm :
Project Location within Country:
Pakistan (Area 87, 7753.375 Km²)
Start Date:
January 1999
Completion Date:
November 1999

Project Description

ECIL has developed Digital Atlas of Pakistan (DAP) as the appreciation out-of-box-solution. ECIL received the International Award special Achievement in GIS award1999, from the Environmental System Research Institute ESRI, California U.S.A.

DAP is a comprehensive, vectorised, Geographic Information System (GIS) of Pakistan. A first product of its kind in Pakistan captured at 1:1,000,000 scale. DAP consists of geographic attribute and textual data that can be accessed, queried, manipulated, displayed and modified with the help of Arc/Info®, ArcVIEW® and Arc Explorer® GIS Software.

Following coverages are included in DAP Version 1.2

  • Base map

  • Grid (Latitudes and longitudes) 

  • Provinces

  • Languages of Pakistan

  • Divisions

  • International Boundaries

  • Districts

  • Rivers (Polygons)

  • National Assembly Constituency

  • Climatic Zones

  • Provincial Assembly Constituency

  • Road Network

  • Cities & Town

  • Rivers (lines)

  • Population

  • Annual Rainfall

  • Seismic Zones

  • Railway Lines

  • Spot Elevations

  • Cities Boundaries

  • Contours