Disaster Mitigation and Preparedness Plan (DMPP) Katchho Pilot Project (KPP)

Name of associated firm :
Project Location within Country:
Dadu District, Sindh
Start Date:
February 2006
Completion Date:
August 2006

Project Description

The Katchho area (the project area) in District Dadu is one of the areas severely affected by prolonged droughts and subsequently by heavy rains in the year 2003. Katchoo area spans through four tehsils namely; Johi, Sewhan, Mehar and K.N. Shah and major flat portion of Kohistan. It comprises of 10 union councils (Tando Rahim Khan, Chhinni, Drigh Bala, Phulji, Pat Gul Mohammad, Kamal Khan, Bhawalpur, Jhangara, Fareedabad and Talho) and has more than 32,000 households, (about 200,000 population), living in 571  small and medium sized villages, spared over 8,000 km. of the mentioned 33% lives in Kohistan-worst drought hit areas of Dadu. Katchho area is semi hilly, elevation gradually declining towards east. This is the area where the local population is primarily dependent on natural resources for its survival and is vulnerable to natural disasters. The area falls in arid zone with negligible services based infrastructure. The agro-livestock based economy is facing frequent droughts and floods resulting in frequent seasonal migration. The community is heterogeneous comprising of Baloch tribes and nomads).



ECIL provided following services for development of Disaster Mitigation and Preparedness Plan for the Project

The area will include the following:

  • GIS Based Studies

  • Hydro-geological Studies

  • Water Availability Studies (Surface and Subsurface Sources)

  • Water Consumption Studies

  • Water Balance Model

  • Agricultural Studies

  • Socioeconomic Studies

  • Formulation of the Disaster Mitigation and Preparedness Plan