Consultancy services for the study, evaluation and supervision of maintenance, Rehabilitation & miscellaneous works for Internal roads and infrastructure Inside Khalifa Bin Zayed City A&B, Mohammed Bin Zayed City, Musaffah industrial area, icad I&iii

Name of associated firm :
Project Location within Country:
Abu Dhabi, UAE
Start Date:
January 2013
Completion Date:

Project Description

The Project is related to maintenance, rehabilitation and to develop traffic operations improvement schemes for a period of two years and it involves:

  • Road assets condition evaluation and maintenance needs, requirements identification.

  • Traffic operation evaluation and required improvements, identification, which includes but not limited signs and signal requirements, traffic circulation improvements, sector access evaluation, parking supply improvements, road settlements, and road geometric design improvements.

  • Design review and supervise required maintenance and traffic operation improvements.

  • Design review and supervise all required plot entrances.

  • Design review and supervise all emergency repairs to the storm water network.

  • Coordinate with the utilities department for reinstatement activities, supervision and inspection to assure best quality of work.



The scope of Consultant’s services is to review design and supervise the required maintenance and rehabilitation works for asphalt paved surface of the existing road network including all associated civil works such as kerbstone, pavement, drainage, settlements, connection to plots both private and public, roads signs & road marking etc as well as the required geometric and traffic improvements, (including but not limited to traffic control devices, traffic circulation, access condition, and parking needs etc.) for roads within the boundaries of Khalifa Bin Zayed City A And B, Mohammed Bin Zayed City, Musaffah industrial area, Icad I, Icad ii, Bein Al Jessrain & Abu Dhabi Gateway.