Second Flood Protection Sector Project Package "B"

Name of associated firm :
Project Location within Country:
Punjab, Sindh, NWFP + FATA, and Balochistan
Start Date:
June 2000
Completion Date:
June 2005

Project Description


  • Study of Existing Flood Protection measures

  • Proposing Improvements & Implementation of the schemes along all the major rivers

  • Proposing Delay Action Dams for utilizing flash floods in the hill torrents in Balochistan and Punjab

  • Proposing local area protection along the minor rivers



  • Study of the flood protection measures along river Indus from Guddu to outfall into sea near Keti Bunder

  • Proposing improvement in the flood works and checking design of the previously approved schemes and vetting for the implementation

  • Study of the Delay Action Dams in Balochistan and checking the Feasibility of the schemes prior to implementation

  • Preparing GIS maps of all the major rivers and depicting all the spurs / bunds and dykes along the rivers in Pakistan

  • Assisting in Morphological studies of the Rivers

  • Vetting the legal documents to be enforced along the rivers