Chanda Fateh Khan Dam

Name of associated firm :
Project Location within Country:
Start Date:
April 1991
Completion Date:
March 1993

Project Description

Chanda Fateh Khan Dam was built across the Ghorgandi River in Kohat to store the water for irrigation and drinking purpose.

This Project comprised of:

  • Construction of earthen embankment 900ft (274.31 m) long, maximum height 83ft (25.3 m) & top width 25ft (7.62 m)

  • A concrete spillway glacis type with free overall ogee-crest weir for peak flood inflow of 16,787 cusecs (475.6 cumecs)

  • 2ft. dia pre-cast R.C.C. outlet pipe fitted with bell mouth gate valve

  • Stilling Basin

  • 9,250 ft (2819.3 m) long, 11 cusecs (3.35 cumecs) main canal 21,750 ft. (6629 m) branch canal & 8,750 ft. (266.0 m) minors

  • Structures in the form of culverts, aqueducts, syphons, distributors, drops, tail structures and outlet etc



  • Survey

  • Geotechnical & geological investigations

  • DetailedDrawings

  • Engineer's estimates and tender documents