Revamping and Rehabilitation of Irrigation & Drainage System in Sindh

Name of associated firm :
National Development Consultants, Engineering Associates
Project Location within Country:
Sindh Province
Start Date:
January 2004
Completion Date:
January 2008

Project Description

The Irrigation and Power Department, Government of Sindh has undertaken the task of "Revamping / Rehabilitation of Irrigation and Drainage System in Sindh". The Project was initiated on the directive of President of Pakistan and is being financed by the Federal Government.

The scope of the Consultancy Services includes the following items pertaining to the field activities including construction supervision.

  • Conduct site visits to have full understanding of the requirement of services.

  • Provide engineering services for the proposed rehabilitation works.

  • Conduct condition survey of the canal and drainage network to the extent of 30% whenever required with the approval of the Client.

  • Prepare the estimates through the field staff of the Client.

  • Assist the Client in determining the priority of the works and phasing of works for each financial year and finalize for the planning of the proposed works under the Project.

  • Determine the field surveys, Geo-technical investigations and other field studies additionally required to carry out the detailed design in accordance with the approved work plans.

  • Assist in the supervision and inspection of construction works, inspection of materials and equipment to be incorporated into the works.

  • Maintain records of the progress of the works and the results of inspection of tests of materials.

  • Conduct the necessary testing of materials by the Consultant's laboratory arrangement for the quality control.

  • Compare the actual progress with scheduled progress necessary action to facilitate timely completion.

  • Assist in developing a programme of effective construction supervision to ensure quality control.

  • Check and authenticate payments due to the Contractors after physical check to the extent of 50 percent of the work done and claimed by the Contractors. Make recommendations, issuing and valuing variations to the Contracts, where necessary.

  • Check and review "as built" drawings proposed by the Contractor.



Design Phase

  • Surveys and Investigation

  • Preliminary and detailed design and drawings

  • Tender documents, BOQ, Specification and Engineer's Estimate

  • Construction supervision manual

Construction Supervision Phase

  • Detailed construction supervision of the project.