Chashma Right Bank Canal (Lift-cum-Gravity) Project

Name of associated firm :
NDC, NESPAK, BARQAAB, DMC, Infra-D & Review Consult.
Project Location within Country:
Dera Ismail Khan District (NWFP)
Start Date:
June 2002
Completion Date:
December 2003

Project Description

The vast area of D.I. Khan plain laying between Suleiman range and Chashma Right Bank Canal (Gravity) on the right bank of the Indus River is laying un-cultivated due to non-availability of assuring irrigation water supplies. Under this project, development of an additional area of 285,650 acres (115,600 ha), contiguous with right bank existing CRBC gravity system in envisaged to be achieved through a lift-cum-gravity canal, off-taking from the Indus River at Chashma Barrage.

Chashma Right Bank Canal (Lift cum Gravity) Project comprises of the following main components.

  • A regulator, a new intake structure, off taking from the right side of the headdress channel of Chashma

  • Hydropower Station

  • Feeder Canal of about 37 miles length parallel to the existing CRBC, from Chashma Barrage to the pumping station

  • Pumping station to lift about 2500 cusec of water by about 66 ft. and delivery pipeline from the pumping station to the main canal

  • Main canal of about 71 miles long with irrigation distribution system

  • OFWM of the project area

  • Flood protection and drainage works to protect the area against flood and sheet flow of hill torrents



  • Review of all existing studies, report and data

  • Conducting additional surveys and investigation

  • Preparation of engineering designs and tender drawings/documents