Kotri Barrage Rehabilitation Project (Phase - I) i. Survey, investigations and Engg. Study ii. Install System of Piezometers & Tail Relief Wells

Name of associated firm :
Coode Blizard Ltd. (UK), Lewin Fryer Hydraulics Research Ltd.
Project Location within Country:
Jamshoro, (Sindh)
Start Date:
December 1987
Completion Date:
i. December 1989 ii. October 1992

Project Description

Kotri Barrage is located across river Indus was constructed in 1955. The Barrage gates corroded over the years and they needed rehabilitation and replacement before their structural collapse. Phase-I consisted of investigation of various problems of the Barrage and suggestion of remedial measures and installation of piezometers/relief wells to record residual pressure and analyse the same to check the factor of safety.



  • Surveying and Investigations

  • Engineering Studies