Master Plan for the Sea Water Intake Works

Name of associated firm :
M/s. F.C DeWeger International N.V Rotterdam
Project Location within Country:
Bhulejee (Sindh)
Start Date:
Completion Date:

Project Description

Report on Study of Sea Water Intake includes information about

  • Pumping machinery of 25 m Head

  • Continuous flow 35,000 cu.m per hour

  • Four alternative proposals with design of reservoir and rising mains 72" to 96" diameter



This is a critical study of Sea Water Intake Works. It includes a vast experience of coastal areas, water related structures, rising mains, reservoirs, pumping stations, etc. It involves experience about blast furnace and how to control temperature inside and outside blast furnace and its related machinery. A survey of the project area was carried out, followed by testing of seawater and then designed the rising main and reservoir also.