Al Quosh Water Treatment Plant

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June 2011
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Project Description

Al Quosh Water Treatment Plant is a recent initiative of Ministry of Municipalities and Public Works General Directorate of Water, Government of Iraq. This proposed Treatment Plan will be situated inside the site of the Mosul Left Bank WTP. The objective of this project is to enhance the capacity of the existing treatment plant.

The source of the raw water would be river Tigris from where the water will be pumped into the proposed Low Lift Station. A 2.2 Km long Forcemain with a diameter of 700 mm will carry the water to the proposed Al Quosh Water Treatment Plant. Since the project is spread over at three different sites, therefore it is imperative to divide scope of the services based on the facilities and components required at each particular site.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           


ECIL is providing the following Services to the Client

  • Low Lift Pump Station

  • Water Treatment Plant

  • Telkefe Boosting Station

  • Talluskuf Boosting Station

  • Derstoon (Badria) Boosting Station

ECIL rendered the following Works on each Site Plants

  • Architectural work

  • Structural Design work

  • Infrastructure Work

  • MEP Works for Pump Station, Power Building and Operator House (Internal buildings' MEP layouts & sections, design calculation and details)