Feasibility Study and Detailed Design for Reinstatement and Rehabilitation of Old Ruwais Housing Complex

Name of associated firm :
Project Location within Country:
Ruwais, Abu Dhabi
Start Date:
September 2007
Completion Date:
June 2010

Project Description

The Old Ruwais Housing Complex is situated around 240 Km in the west of Abu Dhabi. This housing complex is comprised of 2.0 million sq.m area and was built in 1979. ADNOC took the initiative to rehabilitate the existing facilities in the housing complex which is comprised of complete infrastructure, roads / services and huge development comprising of 1080 villas, more than 20 Multilow Rise Buildings, Sewerage Treatment Plant Power Grid and Substations. ADNOC took the initiative to determine the existing condition of the various components of Ruwais Housing Complex including the complete infrastructure and buildings.



In three phases following services were provided:

Phase - I

Data Collection and Condition Assessment related to the following:

  • Roads (Pavement Evaluation using Loser Profilometer)

  • Traffic Impact Study

  • Water Supply System

  • Sewerage Collection and Disposal system

  • Storm water Drainage System

  • Existing Groundwater Management system

  • Recommendation for further Evaluation

Phase II

During the Phase II a Comprehensive Feasibility Report, highlighting Technical and Financial aspects viability was prepared

Phase – III

After the approval of ADNOC on Feasibility Study Report following activities were carried out in Phase – III of the project.

  • Rehabilitation engineering inspection of 1280 villas and 60 buildings

  • Design of Complete road network

  • Design of Water Supply System

  • Design of Sewerage Collection and Disposal system

  • Storm Water Drainage System

  • Rehabilitation of Ponds

  • Design of Rehabilitation Works of the Sewerage Treatment Plant and its Construction Supervision

  • Preparation of complete Tender Documents