K.D.A Outfall Drains, Inlets & Bridges etc.

Name of associated firm :
M/s. Balfours, U.K
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Project Description

The project comprises of 3 different contracts as given hereunder:

  1. Storm Water Drainage Scheme (Outfalls)

  2. Drainage inlets in Malir River, flood protection bunds and drainage of areas in the vicinity of Chakora Nalla

  3. Construction of bridge along Chakora Nalla and construction of gunettee over Karachi - Korangi Road

Under Storm Water Drainage Scheme, Drain "A" on Ranchore Line Nalla out falling near Habib Public School. Drain “B" Serial Nalla at China Creek. Drain "D" on Pitchard Nalla near West Wharf Bridge and Drain "E" on Kalri Nalla near Baldia Railway Station out falling into the sea are to be constructed as R.C.C drains over stone filled foundations in the out falling reaches. The completion period is 16 months for drainage inlet scheme, the drainage inlets at 31+700;43+00 and 47+500 on left bund of Malir River, 15 box inlets at RD 16+500; 35+500;39+500; 18 box inlet at RD 63,000on right Malir Bund and Extension of bund of RD 60+300 to RD 64+165. Right Malir Bund, PAF running porting needs drainage facility which is also provided in the contract. The completion period as per contract is 9 months.

Bridge at RD 0+300; 1+400; 2+500; 4+400 of Chakora Nalla and Bridge Gunnetee on Karachi – Korangi Road are planned in third contract. The completion period is 12 months. The supervision of these works being carried out w.e.f. February 1, 1990.



  • Topographic Survey

  • Feasibility Study

  • Detailed Design & Drawings

  • Tender Documents

  • Cost Evaluation

  • Site Supervision