Planning, Designing and Construction Management of Multan International Airport (Phase- I & II)

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Multan (Punjab)
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Project Description

The Project is located in District Multan of the Punjab Province. It is one of the oldest cities having a rich spiritual and cultural background. Multan airport was being used by CAA, PAF and ARMY. Most of the infrastructure of Multan Airport both on the land side and air side have worn-out and outlived its useful life. The facilities in use are in dilapidated condition posing serious threats to the safety of the aircraft operations and movement of passengers and cargo. The infrastructure required to be rebuilt on modern lines not only to meet the present requirements but also the future needs. The main terminal consists of 1½ level concept and its roofing system was imported from the UAE, designed, fabricated and erected on site by M/s. Klirby Steel, under the supervision of M/s. ECIL & CAA. The airport is to be upgraded on modern lines to meet technology and to meet the operational requirements for the next 20 years.



Planning & Designing of given facilities and its detailed supervision


(i) Dismantling & Reconstruction of signed Runway for LCN-85. Length 10500ft

(ii) Construction of new Apron (230x144m).

(iii) Construction of Link Taxiway

(iv) Airfield Lighting (AFL) System

(v) Construction of vault station

(vi) Construction of Fire Station

(vii) Construction of Air Control Tower

(viii) Provisions of Navigational Aids



(i) Construction of new Terminal Complex (24500m2) including EMP, HVAC, Fire Alarm, Fire Fighting FIDS, Lifts and Conveyors

(ii) Construction of Cargo Terminal Complex

(iii) Construction of CAA Staff Quarters

(iv) Construction of ASF Residence

(v) Construction of Office Block

(vi) Construction of Utility, Building