Islamabad Peshawar Motorway, Design of Airstrip for Pakistan Air Force

Name of associated firm :
Engineering Associates (Pvt.) Ltd. / A.A Associates (Pvt.) Ltd. / Snowy Mountains Engineering Corporation / Louis Berger Int'l. Inc.
Project Location within Country:
Islamabad - Peshawar
Start Date:
May 1998
Completion Date:

Project Description

Islamabad-Peshawar Motorway is a 6 lane Dual Carriageway with full access controlled facility. The length of the motorway is 154 km. Each carriageway is 10.50 M wide with 3 meters shoulders on each side and 11 meters median. There are three major river bridges en-route over Indus River, Kabul River and Haro River. For the purpose of effective supervision, logistics and quality control, the motorway has been divided into following three sections: 

  1. Section - I, Islamabad to River Indus (56.70 km) 

  2. Section - II, River Indus to Rashkai including River Indus Bridge (53.8 km).

  3. Section - III, Rashkai to Chugalpura including bridges (44.04 km) 

In addition to Project Management Services, ECIL is responsible for construction supervision of Section-II of the Motorway. Whereas, Engineering Associates and A.A. Associates are responsible for the construction supervision of Section-I and III respectively.

In accordance with the policy of the Government of Pakistan, a four kilometer stretch of the motorway was selected and designed as Airstrip for emergency landing of Pakistan Air Force aircrafts. For the design of the airstrip (vertical grades, vertical curves, clearances, etc.), the parameters given in ICAO Aerodrome were adopted with the concurrence of PAF. The pavement design of motorway was also checked for aircrafts and found suitable. An open median (11m wide) of motorway was converted into camber with removable barrier.



Construction Supervision Services include but not limited to:

  1. Construction/ Contract Management

  2. Supervision of earth work for embankment

  3. Supervision of pavement structure construction

  4. Supervision services for bridges and culverts

  5. Supervision of drainage & erosion work

  6. Supervision of ancillary items

  7. Quality control and testing of material

  8. Checking & verification of measurements and processing contractor invoice

  9. Monthly Progress Reports and Identification of problem areas and advising the client accordingly

  10. Processing of contractor monthly invoice

  11. Processing of contractor claims