EL-WAGH Airport & Maintenance Hangar

Name of associated firm :
Consultants International Ltd.
Project Location within Country:
Start Date:
August 1977
Completion Date:
December 1977

Project Description

The El-wagh Airport is planned as civil airport and also for military operations. It meets all ICAO requirements.

Main features include following facilities.

  1. Air terminal building

  2. Main runway (3650 m x 60 m) for B-747 and heavy bomber aircraft operation

  3. Secondary Runway for F-27 Aircraft

  4. Parallel Taxiway (30 meter wide)

  5. Apron (510 mm x 210m)

  6. 58 various buildings, including air traffic control tower, Communication building, VIP Lounge, Cargo Centre, Colony for civil airport staff, Mess and crew residences

  7. Aircraft hangar

  8. Visual landing aids - requisite marking & lightings

  9. Communication system



  • Site selection, field investigation and preliminary design

  • Master planning

  • Preparation of detailed design and drawings

  • B.O.Q specifications and tender documents

  • Construction supervision