Directorate Building for Primary Education

Name of associated firm :
Project Location within Country:
Quetta, Province of Balochistan
Start Date:
March 1994
Completion Date:
September 1997

Project Description

The Government of Balochistan has undertaken a major initiative to improve the access to and quality and equity of primary education in the province.

The province is committed to increasing the primary education budget, both recurrent and development at a minimum of 5% every year. Important reforms and initiatives are being launched in the area of administration and management, teacher training and supply, curriculum development and construction management. A very important action the province has taken was to establish a primary education directorate. A plan to build a dedicated office building for the directorate has been taken up to centralize various establishments, scattered in Quetta.

The building has ground plus one storey with the covered area approximate 40,000 sq.ft, with the provision of one more storey. The total plot area is 3.5 acres. (43560 sq.ft.)


Start Date (month/year):

March, 1994 Design Phase

March, 1995 Const. Phase



Consultancy services comprise of detailed design of building planning and architectural, structural services design, construction documents, evaluation of bids, award documents, detail construction supervision of site through full time Resident Engineer, Asst. 'Engineer and Site Visit of Head Office Engineers to monitor progress and quality assurance and certification of contractor invoices.