Design of Lasmo Bhit Oil Field Buildings Project in Kirthar Concession Block, Bhitt Sindh

Name of associated firm :
Project Location within Country:
Start Date:
August 2001
Completion Date:
June 2002

Project Description

Scope of work is to design all the buildings located in the main accommodation area and the service area, including all building utilities and services based on conceptual design and layout drawings. The total design includes Architectural Design, Civil & Architectural Design, Mechanical, HVAC, Plumbing, Fire Protection and Landscape design.

The buildings which are included in the ECIL'S scope of work are located in two areas  

A. Main Accommodation

  • Main Office Building and Covered Car Parking

  • Kitchen / Dinning Building

  • Vehicle Refuelling Area

  • Vehicle Repair Building

  • Warehouse

  • Workshop

  • Main Gate Security Shelter

  • Medical centre

  • Junior Accommodation (Four Typical Blocks)

  • Junior Recreation

  • Senior Accommodation (Four Typical Blocks)

  • VIP / Senior Accommodation (One Block)

  • Senior Recreation

  • HVAC Plant Room and Chiller Compound

  • Covered Walkway Structures

B. Site Service Area

  • Fire Station

  • Office / Amenities / Laboratory Building



Work performed by ECIL:

  • Rework in Amenities Building

  • Architectural Planning & Design

  • Submission of Basic Schematic and Design of HVAC including size & specs of main components (Chillers, Pumps, AHU's etc.)

  • Replies to Client

  • Issuance of Specifications