Design of Infrastructure South Shamkha Development, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Name of associated firm :
Idroesse Infrastructure
Project Location within Country:
Abu Dhabi
Start Date:
October 2008
Completion Date:
September 2010

Project Description

Abu Dhabi, capital of the United Arab Emirates will have a new extension with a distinct individual character such as the New Wathba, the Shamkha South and New Falah developments. These projects lie over 50 km from Abu Dhabi and designed as regional urban centres serving not only themselves, but also the residents in a wide radius.

The spatial planning strategy of the Shamkha South project consists of:

  1. 25 neighbourhood areas containing 400 Villas each with a core zone having all accessibility such as shops, grocery and other facilities serving the residents of the area.

  2. Central Business District, which has an elliptical shape located at the heart of the project surrounded by a beltway road for easy movement from and towards the BCD and it is designated to become an assembly icon for the resident and contain Medical Centers, Hotel, Fish and Meat market, café and restaurants.

  3. Green spine is a long, narrow open space with easy access to all residents standing on both sides of the main road containing approximately 1000 residential units and recreational areas.



ECIL is providing the following Services to the Client

  1. Design of Roads including Intersections, Roundabout and Road Furniture

  2. Design Sewerage Collection and Disposal Network

  3. Design of Water Supply System

  4. Design of Storm Water Drainage

  5. Design of Irrigation System

  6. Design of Landscaping

  7. Electrical Distribution Network Design

  8. Telecommunication Network Design

  9. Preparation of Complete Tender Documents

  10. Construction Supervision