AldhaFrah Residential Complex (Madinat Zayed, Emirate of Abu Dhabi)

Name of associated firm :
Urbanism Planning Architecture
Project Location within Country:
Abu Dhabi
Start Date:
December 2008
Completion Date:
March 2009

Project Description

The Aldhafarah Residential Complex is situated in Madinat Zayed, which is comprised of 300 Hectare area. The development will be done in two phases. It is the intention of UPC to build the phase-I (136,479 sq.m) in order to accommodate the inhabitants of the existing settlements within the project area and at the later stage, construction of the phase-II (168,183 sq.m) will be commenced. 

The Project Owner is Urban Planning Commission, Government of Abu Dhabi



ECIL is providing the following Services to the Client:

Design of Complete Infrastructure includes:

  • Traffic Impact Study

  • Roads and Roads Furniture

  • Water Supply System

  • Sewerage System

  • Planning of Sewerage Treatment Plant (if necessary)

  • Solid Waste Management System (if necessary)

  • Irrigation System

  • Storm Water Drainage

  • Fire fighting

  • Electrical Network

  • Telecommunication System