Topographic Survey & Digital Mapping of Golen Gol Hydro Electric Power Projection Chitral including Base Map

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Project Location within Country:
Start Date:
September 1995
Completion Date:

Project Description

The Topographic Survey of Golen Gol Hydro Electric Project included:

  • Digitization of base map from 1:50,000 GT sheet No. 38M/13, on a scale 1:10,000, covering 21 kms

  • 1:1,000 survey and mapping of tunnel alignment, 325 hectares

  • 1:500 and 1:200 survey and mapping of intake/weir, sand trap and portal area, 40 hectares

  • Precise levelling network and GPS Survey

  • Final report and drawings, including all digital data, floppy diskettes etc.



  • Digitized the base map on scale 1:10,000 from 1:50,000 GT sheet No. 38M/13

  • The detailed topographic survey included GPS and Total Station survey by the surveyor. Survey data were transferred to MOSS software for triangulation and contouring at specified intervals. The engineers then prepared digital terrain model and produced digital drawings at given scales. ASCII files were prepared for the client