Project Name:
Karachi Northern By Pass Project

Name Of Client:
Karachi Development Authority

Detail Narrative Description of Project:
This proposed by-pass starts from Karachi Port and traverses through Maripur Road. Site area, Sarjani Town & Then terminates at Super Highway.

Project Location within Country: Karachi (Pakistan)

Professional Staff Provided by the company: 4

No.of Man-Months: 30

Start Date: 6/1/1987

Completion Date(month/year): 6/1/1988

Services: - Alternate Route Studies and Feasibility. - Topographic Survey and Row Survey. - Traffic Surveys and Forecast. - Pavement Evaluation. - Preliminary Design of By-Pass Road and Flyovers. - Preliminary Cost Estimates.

Name of Associated firm(s):

No of Man-Month Of Professional Staff
Provided by associated firm(s):

Name of Senior Staff: Project Manager, Traffic Engineer, Geotechnical/S&M Engineer, Structural Engineer, Economist/Planner, Surveyors.